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​Laundromat with Wash & Fold Drop Off Service near Portland and Vancouver

EZ Wash Laundry offers drop off wash and fold service ($1.50/lb.) in Vancouver, WA with service coming soon to Portland, OR and Fairview, OR. We also offer pickup and delivery service ($1.98/lb.) in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas, and Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.  Please see our Service Areas page for a full listing of zip codes and cities for Fluff and Fold service.  We are also pleased to announce that we are now offering drop off laundry service with subscription pricing. Subscription pricing allows the customer to know exactly what the cost is on a monthly prepay basis. Subscription service is based on bag size and number of bags. This will give you one drop off weekly on a specific day with discounted prices.  It doesn't matter if you choose pickup/delivery, drop off, or Subscription service you will be getting the same quality our customers have come to expect from us.  We do charge by the pound with a few exceptions (Comforters, Sleeping Bags, and Pet Beds).  New customers please see our Terms of Service agreement.

New Customers what to expect:

  • General questions about your laundry preferences
  • Weigh laundry
  • Payment with either cash or credit
  • Text or email message when laundry is ready for pick, up typically 24 hrs.

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